Dolphin: easy way to navigate to parent directory [..]

Hi. I often have to navigate to parent folder in Dolphin and I miss the […] item in the first line of the folder list. AFAIR this item was in Krusader but it’s gone in Dolphin. Now I have to click the [^] button in the toolbar which is placed rather inconveniently and too far from the file list (especially when using 2 panels, first I need to activate the panel and then click the ^ button). It is rocketly fast with the […] item in the beginning of the file list, you just click it and you are in the parent folder. I wonder why this feature was not implemented. I looked all the settings in Dolphin but I cannot find how to activate this feature. Maybe there is a plugin for it or some other secret quick way to go to the parent directory? If there’s none, is it possible to add it to the wish list to see in in the next versions?

You can edit the toolbars and move the buttons to where you want them.

I think it was probably left out on purpose, but you could always try your luck by filing a feature request at :man_shrugging:

Press <— Backspace

You can also enable full path address bar and click the folder you want to go to in the address.

There is no possibility of what you want as far as I know.

@omano isn’t backspace the last used folder?
ALT+arrow up is the default shortcut. I’d assign my own one on the left hand at SHIFT+> in order to have the right hand free for mouse action.

Not sure if you use shortcuts in your workflow.

It is indeed the ‘previous’ folder, or ‘back’, but that would work if you want to go up the path you took.
I didn’t know the shortcut you mentioned, this is exactly what you want so I guess you have your solution :smiley:

Actially, the places where I can put them are very limited, and if I put it above the first panel, it will be too far to go there from the second panel…

Thanks, this is useful but not always convenient when working with the mouse only.

Actually a better shortcut is what Raguse mentioned, ALT + Up Arrow for Parent Folder action.

Did you try what I mentioned for the full path in address bar? you can then just click in the address bar, in Dolphin Settings → Startup → Show Full Path Inside Location Bar

Yeah, this is what I used the last year after switching to Dolphin, but still it’s not as obvious as […] and it’s a kind of downgrade for me. But maybe it’s me who became obsolete because I used it since DOS 5.0 with Norton Commander and then in Windows with FAR Manager. Maybe nobody needs it anymore except me, this is why they removed it… But it could be better if they could add a checkbox to the setting to enable it anyway.

For that as said you will need to open a feature request to KDE.

Maybe if this is an important part of your workflow, and what is possible with Dolphin isn’t working for you, try to find a file manager that has the features you require.

//EDIT: also you could reassign a mouse extra button to keyboard keys combo (like ALT + Up Arrow or something else), and change the shortcut for parent folder in Dolphin to that keys combo. For example I use evrouter (an outdated piece of software that still works to this day) and imwheel to do this kind of stuff with my mouse as there is no official support from Logitech.

//EDIT2: apparently there are tools like Key Mapper Input Remapper which are recent and maintained that could do that if you have extra mouse button you would use for that specifically.

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@omano thumbs up for it. You maybe add mouse gestures to your list which are also configurable in custom shortcuts settings. I’ve never used those and I am not sure if they work reliably at all. Your choice, if you want to add it to have it all together. I’d delete this post afterwards to not spam the thread.