Dolphin Cut and Paste File Issue to NAS

Hi, firstly apologies if this is not the best category to post this in, I was unsure where it would fit best as I’m not entirely sure where the root of the problem lies. I have a small issue with cut and pasting files to my NAS server (FreeBSD 12.1), where I am greeted with a message “Access denied to /home/user/NAS/filecutandpasted” (Retry, Cancel options provided). The file does cut and paste just fine, with the file being created in the NAS folder and being deleted from the local folder it was cut and pasted from. Whether I select retry or cancel does not matter. The NAS is mounted using fstab using the following options:
cifs credentials=/root/smbcred,vers=3.1.1,_netdev,x-systemd.automount,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0.
My log shows the following:

kdeinit5[27765]: kf.kio.slaves.file: Couldn't preserve access and modification time for "/home/user/NAS/test.txt>
kdeinit5[27765]: kf.kio.slaves.file: Could not change permissions for "/home/user/NAS/test.txt"
kdeinit5[27765]: kf.kio.slaves.file: Couldn't preserve group for "/home/user/NAS/test.txt"
kdeinit5[27919]: kf.kio.slaves.trash: Directory "/home/user/NAS/.Trash-1000" exists but didn't pass the security checks, can't use it
dolphin[25322]: "The file or folder /home/user/test.txt does not exist."

If I copy the file then delete the original, there are no error messages. Also, as I mentioned before, the file does get created on the NAS just fine (and deleted from the local disk) when cut and pasted - the only issue is the error message. I don’t usually have recycle .trash folders in use on the NAS, but enabling (my first thought after looking at the log) does not remove the error message and apparently makes no difference to the error. I would prefer to use samba, so would like to see if I can solve this with your help, but can ultimately also create NFS shares if necessary. I am running Manjaro KDE edition testing branch, up to date as of this post. Thank you.

Just adding a bit more information in case of help, I do not experience any cut and paste issues from my Manjaro ext4 partition to my Windows 10 NTFS partition, I only get this error message when cut and pasting to my NAS (ufs, smb 3.1.1 mounted share). I do not get any errors using other Windows or Debian clients. I have tried changing to inherited permissions for my smb shares on the NAS, and this has not affected the error message appearing. I am also very confused by the fact that any file cut and pasted does correctly get created on the NAS and get deleted from the local mount, despite this message!

I’m haven’t used SAMBA on BSD, but when mounting shares I always have to include uid= and gid=

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Thanks, that has stopped the error message appearing. I’ve never noticed an issue without setting those before (perhaps the error existed but I had verbosity too low to notice, will check), and had incorrectly assumed that everything was handled properly by the credentials provided. Much appreciated.

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