Dolphin crashing while moving files from PC to thumb drive

So I was coping some video files (All about 600MB big) to my usb thumb drive. When I was coping all 4 the same time, it got the first one done but when it started doing the second it crashed. I also tried coping them 1 by 1 but when I got 2 done then on the third one it crashed. I know it’s not problem with the video files.

Please help me with that :slight_smile:

Can you provide more information?

Just a few examples:

  • What type of USB drive?

  • What filesystem is the USB drive formatted?

  • How is it mounted? (As in, using fuse or the native kernel module? You can check with the mount command.)

  • Did Dolphin and/or KDE notifier spit out a particular error message upon aborting?

  • Did you try to copy the files via the terminal, to rule out Dolphin as the culprit?

  • Etc…

Its a 32gb Kingston thumb drive with filesystem vfat and I don’t know how its mounted. Not giving any error codes just said that the application is not responding and do you wanna close it. And I just copied files on the Dolphin program (I don’t actually understand this question so I just answered it as I understood it). Also it started happening after I updated my system to the latest version (I used Sudo pacman -Syyu on terminal to do so).

Can you try copying the files using the terminal and see if it likewise hangs / crashes?

Can you tell me how to do it? I mean I don’t mind googling but when you telling me it’s easier :grin:

… what could also work and be helpful in this case is:
start Dolphin from a terminal - and observe any error messages that then would probably appear in that terminal’s output
while copying the files

But I’m not sure whether this would have that imagined effect.
Worth a try perhaps, before explaining the command line version,
which is easy enough, but not for someone without the first clue … :wink:

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I will try that. My system is randomly very slow tho. Maybe it’s because I overheated it kinda rn but I will wait it to cool down and put my laptop cooling thingy under it.

I’ve had this happen but only about 3 times out of hundreds (my backup strategy is to just copy my files to a USB drive). I think it’s because I’m overloading my system by doing other things at the same time. It happens so little, and restarting the process copies the files anyway so I haven’t done any investigation.

What are your PC specifications? So I can compare to mine and see if I have the solution :))

PC specs (only very rarely) come into this.
Copying files is not something that is straining your system to a measurable degree.

hot or not … we need the errors
that you might only see when copying via command line
or copying while observing the terminal
when you have started dolphin from it

I have a HP 17-bs049dx that I got in 2018
7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200 CPU 2.50 GHZ
1 TB Hard Drive

as Nachiese says it’s probably not hardware. Unless you can duplicate it and get logs then there is little chance of fixing these kinds of random and (for me at least) in frequent errors.

Try to say “no” and wait. My guess is RAM gets filled with cache and it takes time to flush it because writing the files may be slow. To the system, this may appear as the program is hanging, but it may not be true.

To circumvent this in the future, you may set a lower threshold for the transfer cache by creating a file in /etc/sysctl.d/


[mbb@mbb-laptop ~]$ cat /etc/sysctl.d/98-dirty.conf

More discussion here:

I’m not sure this is indeed the problem, but it seems a good hypotheses.


personally i switched over to Thunar because ive had nothing but problems with Dolphin. For some reason it will use so much resources sitting idle sometimes that my cpus will jump up 20degrees Celcius. Not to mention the weird bug where you have to delete the session file to get it to start sometimes.

You now use Thunar? Which is the Xfce file manager.
If it works for you …
personally, I use mc
almost always
no matter the DE

really i didnt know that. it works fine and uses like no resources at all. I dont know why Dolphin has had so much issues but raising 20 degrees isnt exactly acceptable… mc is nice too.

Dolphin is a SOLID file manager and by far the best one out there. That said first thing that should of been done is to reset the flash drive to default to see if that rectifies the issue. I find in this type of situation it’s usually the drive acting up. Run the below in your terminal replacing sdx with the name of your flash drive.

sudo shred -s $((2048*512)) -vzn0 /dev/sdx

run lsblk in your terminal to list your drives and partition to get the name of your flash drive for the above command.

Does it delete the files on the drive?

It’s a reset to factory default so yes. Before you say you can’t flash drives are notorious for needing to be formatted for reset from time to time.

Clarify your question.
What are you asking?

He asked if the command I posted removes all the files on the drive. His question was clear.

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