Dolphin Can't Open OpenOffice Files

Whenever I try to open an OpenOffice file from Dolphin, it first asks me whether I trust the application, then tells me that the application is not executable.

An example is attempting to open an ODT spreadsheet with LibreOffice Calc:

First I get a warning- (Note this is not a code response from the terminal. this is just the text from the dialog produced by the GUI. Easier than providing a screenshot.)

Warning - Dolphin
This will open the program:
LibreOffice Calc
If you do not trust this program, click Cancel.

Upon clicking “Continue,” it throws me this error message-

Unknown error code 100

Unable to make the service LibreOffice Calc executable, aborting execution.

Existing file /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-calc.desktop is not writable.

Please send a full bug report at

Now if I enter LibreOffice Calc first and open the file from within Calc, I have no problem.

  • Does this also happen if you create another user, log in there and double-click on a file there???
    • If yes, please uninstall LibreOffice completely, removing all settings and then install it again:

      pamac --no-save remove libreoffice*
      pamac install libreoffice*
    • If no, please report back.


It seems to be specific to my user. Everything worked fine on the test account.

So re-installing LibreOffice did not make it work under your old user? (Unsure from your rather cryptic feed-back…)


No; you said to report back if I was able to open files from Dolphin on the new account. I was. I created the test account, logged in, and successfully opened several LO files directly from Dolphin. The problem still persists on my user account; though I haven’t tried re-installing via CLI

I’m an idiot! My apologies! :man_facepalming:

As it does work under your new account, we’re going to do the following:

  • Verify that the new user has access to the same groups as your old one by executing groups and comparing the output of both users.

    groups U45
    groups U45-2

    (Where obviously, U45 is your old user and U45-2 is your new one.)
    E.G. if U45 is a member of operator and U45-2 isn’t, execute:

    usermod --append --groups operator U45-2
  • Copy all data files from your old profile into your new one

    cp --verbose --recursive --preserve=time-stamps /home/U45/Documents/* /home/U45-2/Documents/

    If that worked and you had no errors, remove the documents from your old user:

    rm --recursive /home/U45/Documents/*

    repeat for:

    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Music
    • .thunderbird
    • .mozilla/firefox/
    • Templates, and everything else that is important to you.
    • Linux games like Battle of Wesnoth have their game data stored under ~/.local/share/ E.G. ~/.local/share/wesnoth/

    After everything has been copied over, disable the old user so you cannot accidentally log on:

    usermod --lock U45

    If you would have theming going on, don’t do everything in one day but do this at the rate of 1 application / theme / whatever per day and if the problem crops up again, roll back your last change

  • in 1 month delete the entire home directory of your old user, but don’t delete the user itself so that in 6 months time files still owned by that user will still show up under its username.

  • If you ever migrate to a new machine, just don’t migrate the old user: only the new one.

  • From now on, start making backups so you can roll back and never have to do this again:


So I got it working again, at least for now, by some stroke of luck. I looked back at the error message I was getting every time I tried to open a file from Dolphin. It read:

Existing file /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-calc.desktop is not writable.

So I navigated to /usr/share/applications and noticed that there was an exclamation point icon overlaid on each of the libreoffice application links. On a hunch, I logged out and logged into the test account, navigated to the same location, and sure enough, the exclamation point icons were missing. When I logged back into the old account and navigated back to the same place, the links looked normal. The exclamation point icons were gone. I tried opening up a libreoffice document and, boom, it worked. Did it several times with different file types; no issues.

Not sure what I did, but while uninstalling and reinstalling the LO package, it kept informing me of conflicts between libreoffice-still and libreoffice-fresh. So I made sure to specify that I was installing only libreoffice-still.

This spontaneous tinkering seems to have solved the problem. Gonna reboot to make sure.

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Problem still persists upon reboot. There’s probably a solution there somewhere, but I don’t have the time nor expertise to go looking for it. Is there a why to transfer admint control to a new account?

Yes, just follow the procedure above exactly… I.E. this bit transfers admin:

I assume U45, U45-2, and operator are just placeholder names?

Granting group access went smoothly, though I did have to use sudo to accomplish it. I keep all my files on a separate disk, so there wasn’t anything I needed from my home directory.

I tried to perform the recursive deletion of all files in the old home directory from the new account, but I was told the directories didn’t exist; even when I used sudo.

Since the old /home will be deleted in a month’s time anyway, I went ahead and locked the account.

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I have to go with the information I have:

I never put any sudos anywhere so people don’t blindly copy paste “ze codez” :grin:

magic needs to be performed then: sudo -s and you’re actually root in a root command shell. Be very careful!


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