Dolphin cannot access win10 PC per "smb://"

since some weeks (after a smbclient update), KDE dolphin cannot access shares of a Win10PC in the local network via URLs like “smb://@/”.
Access to a LinuxPC running samba server with such URLs still works fine, als the NAS function of the FritzBox can accessed via “smb://”.
Any hints, why Dolphin (or smbclient?) cannot access Win10 (latest patched version 21H2) any more?


KDE Dolphin is using kio-extras that has the known bug.

Try to do:

  1. Open System Settings → Search: “Windows Shares” → Give any name and any password
  2. Restart Dolphin
  3. Check to access smb:// If it does not work, you have to give IP address of Fritzbox, not hostname. e.g. smb://
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The issue is related to

That looks like samba 4.16.0 or newer broke the compatibility e.g. kio-extras and gvfs

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Another reason why I use cifs with systemd-mounts or Smb4K. :sunglasses: The former, especially, bypasses bugs in KDE.

This reminds me of the other KDE bug in which you must select and apply a setting in order to use another setting, because this “ritual” properly resets the config file behind-the-scenes.[1]

[1] Does Fall Apart effect work in your Kde Plasma? - #13 by winnie

Look the solution:

Reddit: Dolphin: The file or folder smb://servername.local does not exist.

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Hi Zesko,
thanks for the hint with “System Setttings…”.
Unbelievable, but it works fine!!

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