Dolphin as Root User

I’m using
KDE Plasma 5.19.4
KDE Frameworks 5.73.0
Qt Version 5.15.0
Currently I use thunar to edit root file but I’m wondering if there was a way to to open dolphin and kate text editor as root. The tutorials on the internet are for older versions of KDE and plasma and none are on a arch-based distro. I know that you have to apply a patch to the build but the problem is the AUR doesn’t let you download a snapshot of dolphin so I can’t edit the PKGBUILD.

Don’t open GUI tools as root.

If you need to edit a system file as root from KDE Plasma you can do it like this.

  1. Find the file via Dolphin.
  2. Open the file with Kate.
  3. Make the edits you want.
  4. Then save the file. Kate will then ask you for your sudo password. Type that in and it saves your file.

I know this is an option but wouldn’t it just be easier for me to be allowed open as root. I get there’s security problems but isn’t that my option whether or not I want them to do it? Sometime it’s hard to find the file via terminal cause sometimes I don’t know what I want to find. I use the terminal, sure, but tappy-clicky instead writing is a lot easier. Sorry if I sound a little ill-experienced and I do know how to use the terminal and I get the problem with opening root but life would be so much quicker if if this was a option.

Dolphin cannot be used as root by default.

I know but I know there’s a way to do it. By editing the source code (for example -like they did in open-suse’s version) but i don’t what since all the tuturrials on the internet are outdated

I use KFind to search most of the time (also available from within Dolphin) and found this to have sufficient speed and options.

I know how to build from source code but I just to know what patch to apply or whether there’s a way to it from an existing insttaltion

it doesn’t give the option to search /boot or /efi files

I use Plasma only until recently but I read it was available until a version of Plasma where it has been removed from the source code by KDE developpers.

I guess a workaround is possible but I suspect it’s not advertised due to security reason.

Mmmh, maybe I get you wrong, but I can do searches within /boot or /efi with KFind.

yeah sorry you can but you have to open kfind as root.
Just asking does it always so long?

Maybe Kfind has to index all the files first.

No, it’s not running as root. I would love to show a screenshot, but I can’t.

yeah my fault again it takes so long though!

That is then most probably an indexing issue as @Falav mentioned. Once indexing is finished it is really fast.

yeah thx I do wish the next plasma comes with the option but I guess this will have to do for now!

At AUR there are packages already with the patch, search a little better, but it is at your own risk.


I know but it refuses to install. It’s outdated

kate edit / save all file without loaded as root - this simply had to solve your issue
if kate is ok why want dolphin ? copy / paste / rename files in system is extremely unusual except for administrators. a feature with dolphin has been planned for 1…2 years but so far nothing has been done - maybe it’s just not useful?

Just for my knowledge, I searched tips to do that in Google. It could work but would open Dolphin as root all the time. And it was a dirty tweaking way.

There is not an integrated option like Nemo by design. Things may change in the future but as for now the KDE devs give a no-no.

And needless to say, using Dolphin as root every time brings you closer and closer towards a system breakage.