Doing the hard work of testing, bug reporting and compiling open source games for Arm64

Hey there everyone you’ve probably seen me around on this forum before, my names is Corey and I have been working hard to help support Manjaro Arm64 by going through every open source game that I can get my hands on (or at least I think the pi 4 can handle unless I want to be proven wrong by the pi 4’s hardware) and compiling games on my pi as well as bug testing, reporting and helping resolve issues with the game so it will be a easy and smooth porting experience for the pi 4 or any other Arm hardware.

You can check out my activity on Github as that is where the majority of the project repos are.

Other than projects I am working with the developers to fix and others that I still wait a reply on (if they are still active) I have a list of games I have compiled/play and a list of total projects I have tried and than packaged for myself. A couple of the games are payed games that I can play on my pi 4 thanks to open source decompilation projects or open source engine projects that allow me to recompile it for Arm64.

Here is the current native games I have successfully compiled/ported to Arm64 thanks to not only the awesome open source games we have but the amazing open source projects out there that have decompiled and recreated a open source engine allowing the games locked on either one architecture or platform can now not only be played on a traditional x64 PC but other hardware like the the Raspberry pi and other arm single board computers.

Here is the total games I currently have running on my pi natively on my pi 4.

The current projects I have that I have tested on the pi and working with the devs to get working or waiting for a response.

I have also packaged these games myself and may start distributing the free games on the AUR but would love help see these go on the main Manjaro repo . For the games that require payment for the game files or download a rom online (Super Mario 64 for example), I will just package the binary and some sort of script that will let the user know they need to buy the guy than copy them to a certain location to play the game like for Cave Story, Abes Odysee and Sonic CD for example as they require games files of a payed game. Sonic 1/2 use the games files of the free to play Sonic Android port meaning they should be ok but something I might look into for example.

There is so many games like Super Tux Kart as an example I need to test/try as well as new reverse engineering projects coming out and I can’t wait to see what’s next to come out!

If you have any questions about my pi 4 setup or suggestions of what games I should try next please comment down below and I will definitely have a look as I have been pushing the pi 4 hardware to see how far I can get and see what can run on this but mainly help standardise Arm64 support. I want to have more stuff support it out of the box so adoption is easier on the Linux side as we already have the best platform that supports the most arm hardware/software and already this far in the Arm ecosystem unlike Apple which only supports their own hardware/echosystem but has grown with support surprisingly quick or even laughably Microsoft who has failed to support or get a ecosystem in Arm multiple times and probs never will.

Please share this post around as I want us as a community to all put our heads together to make Linux Arm adoption more of a thing in software,games and hardware especially so we can have hardware developers create awesome and powerful hardware specifically made for Linux.

The future must be Linux and open source…