Doing my first Architect install tonight. (Didn't happen due to time constraints)

Figure I'll be lazy and just do a preconfigured setup and then clean it up. Probably going Gnome minimal.

Any tips?

Add the package disable-tracker if you want to reduce ram usage and don't need tracker.

Also, currently the gnome profile lacks the update notifier, so you might want to add that as well.

If you want full disk encryption, the luks express option gives you much improved boot time but less secure encryption.

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Thank you!

Good luck with that. Let know how it goes. I tried few days back but it won't mount the partitions I created. Luckily had a timeshift backup which I restored. :+1:

I suggest you first give it a try in a virtual machine.
Architect is quite easy to use, but it's also prone to user mistakes.


I've already backed up everything and wiped the root partition so if I screw up I'll just try again.

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Setting up Network had me going in circles till I figured it out!

Just remember that Architect is a net installer, so each install attempt will download all the packages required to the live environment package cache, which can be between 1GB and 2GB ... each time.

Make a dedicated jump drive for it now is what I'd solely suggest but I love the opportunity to naively try new things. Have fun. Only reason to concern is any other definite info and files you'd like not eventually accidentally fubar'd to be stored externally ideally

Which is why instead of using an iso, one should use a full manjaro installation on USB as install media. That way you can use the package cache and need to download the packages only once.

This is one of the reasons I don't use virtualbox for testing manjaro-architect.

Thank you all. I have to fess up, plans changed, I needed a 100% working system by 9pm tonight so I installed the 18.1 test 3 iso instead with the graphical installer. I WILL do one of these bloody installs soon, tho. Again, thanks all for the tips.

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