Doing Great. What can I do more to help?

So guys and gals I've been using Manjaro for about a little over four years now. I love this distro and unfortunately I don't spend as much time on the Forum as I used to. Granted I rarely run into majors issues that often and I don't read the update subforum as much as I should. Most of the time I can resolve quite a few issues by myself by reading the Wiki and other Documentation. For the most major issues, of course I read the Forum of course.

I feel like the Developers have did a great job in creating and maintaining Manjaro, and the Users and great in making the Forum a good and friendly place for asking questions and getting help.

They also far more polite for asking new users to Please Read The Manual First(or PRTMF) instead of rudely yelling at noobies to go and RTFM like the Arch and Debian Forums do.

Hey do I get credit for inventing Please Read The Manual First or PRTMF? Of course I have never understood why users new to a OS don't bother reading the Manuals and Wiki before jumping right in. but...


In Microsoft Windows world, users don't need to read manuals and that's really great. Microsoft is really great company and its OS is very very good. Coming from Windows, expecting not to read manuals is the expected behaviour. (my wording is not very good. sorry)

Well I admit that I never use Windows Forums, but more general tech forums instead. But even I read the Installation Manuals.

I got help from Windows forums (many sites, not specific forum like this Manjaro forum) time to time back in the time. Because Windows is a most used OS, you can find answers much easier. Let's give kudos to Microsoft for its great OS.

Jumping right in without reading the manual is half the goddamn fun!

And, of course, when your OS implodes or self-destructs, you go crawling back to the damn manual.


What great OS? Windows was stolen from Xerox's ideals as soon as Bill Gates found out about them, while Apple at least gave them some shares of stocks in exchange.

Based on what I heard form Windows 10 user, Win10 should have spent more time in the oven before release.

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Because they can just jump on Reddit and get the answer spoon-fed to them. The young'uns expect everything to be done for them, nowadays.

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They would need to learn how to read. That might not be possible.

Have some more of the Kool-Aid. Please.


Actually, I didn't care about the history of Windows OS when I say Windows was a great OS. I just thought about the final product. Do you think Manjaro OS is stolen from Arch?

No as the licenses for both BSD and GPL allow users to take the source and modify it to their hearts content and pass them along. Microsoft didn't both to give credit where credit is due.


You're right, my anology was nonsense.

On the other hand, are you sure Windows OS is stolen from Xerox's ideas? (I don't have knowledge about it.)

I saw in a documentary that Apple stole the mouse idea from another company.

I'm drunk and having this conversation for fun. Sorry if I hurt your feelings about open-source and Manjaro distro. I just wanted to state that reading manuals is not always mandatory to use an operating system. Users coming from Windows may expect the same.

Which I find lazy and odd considering that both BSD and Linux are very different from Windows, that those totally new to *NIX type OSes will find rather them difficult to use and will be rudely told to RTFM by elitist users depend on which distro they are to trying to use. Of course we here way more polite. But even so, we still have our limits.

And rather rude new users do tend to be treat rudely in kind. Either my mother or great grandmother(both?) taught me to always be polite and I'll receive politeness in return.


Lazy is good when available.

Be polite my friend. Force be with you.

I've been on Twitch enough to know that Windows users use google for everything that might not work (which is much more frequent than you might think). I think you're just used to using google to solve your problems (or download programs for that matter) as in Windows than reading the manual. It's a matter of culture really, in the Manjaro forums in my experience users help you and also direct you to a great resource in order to get deeper into the matter and learn more about your problem.

I can totally relate to being lazy, trust me, but you're implying that Linux users don't help noobs but instead tell them to read the manual. I think they help them AND they also direct them to the manual for further assistance. I think that's much better than just helping someone. It's a double service.

Also I would love to hear your reasons for stating that Windows is a great OS but I think that you're just having fun (maybe because my brain can't actually comprehend the statement). In any case, use the OS that you think it's best and if you love it also read the manual to maybe contribute to it in some way (maybe by helping noobs?). :smiley:

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I was referring to Elitists that are totally outright rude to noobies. A few Distros I have tried, their forums were rude and insulting by yelling at me to get off and stay off their forums until I learn to fix problems myself along with RTFM and the Mods actually used the F word.:astonished:

As I recall both the Arch and Debian forums did this.

I don't know if you really remember Windows 10 being released, but Windows 8 was just atrocious, and they got rid of the start button. It was just a complete flop, then they almost immediately came out with 8.1 which basically brought back the start button. But the damage was done and no matter what, everyone disliked Windows 8 so bad, 8.1 couldn't shake it. So they came out with 10 and 8 disappeared almost as fast as it came out. That's why we still have 7 and 10. They needed people to forget 8 ASAP to save their reputation.

Well when I first started using Windows 8, I found the New GUI to be very difficult to even use. Despite any issues with Win/98/SE/XP at least their GUI was quite usable as well as Win7 the few times I used it.

Restore Start Menu plugins such as ClassicShell work great and gave Win8 back the proper GUI.

That proper GUI is something done right the first time by Microsoft. Which I used KDE 3.x.x when I begin to use Linux and later Xfce.

What can I do more to help?

  1. Read
  2. Test
  3. Help
  4. Go back to 1

That is some good advice you offered to me. From now I shall endeavor to follow. While I try to provide help on the forum, especially to users new to Manjaro and and Linux, I afraid that I am not an expert on either one. I would have to get better before I can provide more complex solutions. I would also like to improve and add to the Wiki and possibly more detailed manuals as well.

I suppose that testing both documentation and applications are a good to get some practice at this.

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I try to find a problem that I feel is within the limit of my knowledge or just a little bit beyond. Then I start doing research on the issue (forums, wikis, different sites etc.). If there is something I can test to verify the solution, I'll do that. It's not that what I then can offer someone asking for help will immediately resolve the issue. In that case further research is required. And so on. In this way, hopefully, I am able to push the boundaries of what I know little by little.


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