Doesn't right-clicking the tool bar area invoke Overview mode?

After yesterday’s 750MB system update, right-clicking on the tool bar area of a Gnome app, for example, right-clicking the “Untitled Document” on the Text Editor, invokes the Overview mode (the thing you see if you click “Activities” or pressing the Windows key). Why is this happening?

Disable all extensions, log out / login and see if you can reproduce it. If not, use process of elimination to find out what extension may be causing the issue.

Seems like the “Dash to Panel” extension was the culprit. But I had disabled all Extensions (by ticking the master switch off) to see if it was caused by an extension before posting this question, although I did not log out/in. Seems like just disabling extensions does not remove all their effects. Other than logging out/in which requires typing the password and thus slow, is there a faster way, like some sort of way to restart the desktop without logging in/out, in case this kind of thing happens again in the future?

With a Wayland session, no. With a Xorg session, one can restart GNOME Shell by typing r in the Alt+F2 Run a Command dialog.

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