Does uninstalling the 5.8 kernel also uninstall the NVIDIA drivers?

a question of a noob, I have the kernel 4.9 installed but it doesn’t work. If uninstalling the 4.8 kernel also uninstalls nvidia drivers? If so, can I install nvidia utils 4.55 and its driver? Or is there more to install? Sorry for the question but I’m afraid to do crap and be without the system working

If you use mhwd or manjaro settings manager gui to install nvidia drivers it will install the drivers for all your installed kernels. If you want to remove kernel 4.9 just make sure you have another kernel installed first

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That was long ago set to pasture and is not supported.

“Doesn’t work” doesn’t tell us anything.

You’ll want to install a supported kernel. Open Manjaro Settings > Kernel and see what’s available. If 4.9 isn’t working, try 4.4 and 4.19. You can have multiple kernels installed and choose between them during boot.

As far as the proper NVIDIA driver, someone else will have to chime in as I’m not very knowledgeable in that area.

Please post your system information as outlined here:


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If I start handling with the 4.9.1 kernel, it is stopped with a black screen and some letters in red. When I unsigned it it gave errors because it did not install the drivers from nvidia. So only 4.8 is what works.
The mhwd 450 and 455 are installed. The problem is whether you only need to install the nvidia - utils drivers and the respective nvidia driver compiled for the 4-9.1 kernel and it works, leaving the 4.8 kernel to run.