Does Touch Pen work in Manjaro?

My HP Pavilion 15t cs200 has a touchscreen. But, it didn’t come with any touch pen. Windows 10 shows that the screen supports the touch pen. But, I don’t know whether Manjaro will support it or not. Since I use Manjaro as my Primary OS, I want to be confirmed before getting the touchpen.


Windows has a generic support for handwriting with a stylus, yet you still might have to install drivers depending of the model. It also depends if is capacitive or active pen.
“Touchpen” is more used term for the capacitive styluses, because they mimic the finger. If your touchscreen works with finger gestures, it will work with a capacitive touchpen too, but there will be no hardware component to it, hence no driver needed, because there is no communication between it and the device, just the touchscreen field being “distorted” as with the finger. Also there will be no presure points …
The active stylus is more like the artist tablets offer … and the device has to have support for it. Most of them, in linux world, work with the xf86-input-wacom driver, or digimed driver …

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