Does the 5.12rc1 kernel in the testing branch contain the file-system corruption issue?

People have complained about data-loss in the new 5.12 kernel. Here are the details: Watch Out For Possible Data Loss On Early Linux 5.12 Kernels - Phoronix

It looks like there is a patch already: Linux 5.12 Lands Fix For File-System Corruption Caused By Swapfile Issue - Phoronix

I wanted to ask if the 5.12 rc1 in Manjaro’s testing branch contains the fix already.

Here is the actual patch: kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree

The kernel 5.12-rc1 was withdrawn from Linus and provided with the advice not to use it under any circumstances.

That’s why I deleted it in unstable and testing.


Looks like Linus is releasing 5.12rc2 early because of this. It’s supposed to land tomorrow: Linux 5.12-rc2 Likely Coming Early Due To That Nasty File-System Corruption Bug - Phoronix

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