Does not detect headphone and mic when using the front audio ports on my system unit

Manjaro does not detect my headphone when I plugged it in the front audio ports but it works when I plugged it in the motherboard audio ports.

Not detected or muted? It can be detected and muted.
It may be easier to check it’s not muted before going deeper into other commands.

Have a look at alsamixer in the terminal.
Press F6 and select sound card.
Pressing F3 shows the playback ports for your card (shortcuts are shown in alsamixer).

  • At the bottom, look for your ‘front’ panel.
  • If you see ‘MM’, that is muted - no sound.
  • image
  • Press LEFT / RIGHT ARROW keys to move the ‘red text’ selected port/channel.
  • image
  • If MM, press m.
  • Next, use the arrow keys to increase/decrease the audio level, or press ‘2’ for 20, 3 for 30, and so on (not always rounded to the 10), up to 100.
  • Try the headphones.

It only shows one and it says “Master”

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I am new in Manjaro forums

Press F6.
Choose your sound card:
See more channels:

I found it and turned the “Front” from MM to “OO” but there is still no audio. I also increased it to max.

please post system information

inxi -Fazy

and PulseAudio audio card information

pacmd list-cards