Does Manjaro ARM work on a Raspberry Pi B+?



I’m following this tutorial:

But whatever I do, when I put the Micro SD card into its slot and boot up the Pi I get a console that says: “Searching device for 0 ports…” and 2 other things above it. Regardless, it doesn’t seem to boot… at all.

Is this tutorial doing something wrong or does Manjaro ARM just have no B+ support?

Raspberry Pi B+
32gb Micro SD card
SD card was formatted and Etched on Manjaro Cinnamon


That’s a very old video.

Since the restart of Manjaro-ARM, we only support RPI 2 and 3.

If your device is a RPI 1 or Zero, none of our recent images will work


You seem to be trying to run Manjaro ARM (which only supports rpi2 and rpi3) on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+.

We don’t support rpi1 (arm6h), but Arch Linux ARM has images for it.