Does kernel 6.9 include the fix for e1000e regression?

I have been waiting for the patch for the e1000e regression causing BUG: scheduling while atomic kernel error to be applied, see 218740 – e1000e regression: BUG: scheduling while atomic: kworker/5:0/84234/0x00000002

I do not know how to check if it has been included in linux 6.9, so I am asking here.

hopefully people who know better will chime in.

Answering my own question because I got the answer from another support request where someone actually knowing provided the answer:

Yes. Mainline Linux 6.9 include the patch ‘e1000e: change usleep_range to udelay in PHY mdic access’ fixing the regression causing ‘BUG: scheduling while atomic’ kernel soft locks.

it was added to the 6.9 branch with the net-6.9-rc7 merge.

as shown in this commit: Merge tag 'net-6.9-rc7' of git:// - kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree

Nice closing, @Nachlese, we can end this here.