Does Chaotic AUR work on Manjaro with no problems?

Hello, I have been thinking of giving Chaotic AUR a chance but I don’t know if it would break dependencies. Some AUR packages can’t install because Manjaro holding some updates back. So will Chaotic AUR have the same problems?

If you are worried about having issues, the short answer is yes, you will have problems with chaotic AUR on manjaro, not only due to dependencies but also due to overlays and fine adjustments developed by and to manjaro.

The long answer is it depends on what you need from chaotic aur and how and when you update from it. For example, a git package for a system app can lead to issues, depending on a variety of reasons, but a simple browser package is less prone to breaking your system.

For those reasons, I would advice not to use it, but if you feel like using it, do with caution.

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Then use our unstable branch. It’s synced with Arch Stable multiple times a day.

See also: [HowTo] Use the AUR


:warning: Third-party repos are neither supported by Arch nor Manjaro.


Perfect! I almost never use -git packages. Thank you for clarifying.

Great idea! Thank you.

The short answer is NO not yes.

I use it for about two years and got less troubles than with pure AUR.
Less problems than “pur AUR”.
Third party repos:
it would be nice if the maintainers take care of it, Sometimes they do. No risk, no fun.
if there are dependency related problems, the package will not install - even tell you why…

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Whether AUR or Chaotic-AUR makes no difference. They are not synced with manjaro repos.
Only use AUR if you really need it. Don’t follow bad advise, better follow @Yochanan, or you end up in dependency hell.
Look here:

You are mistaken - Manjaro is not holding updates back - the goal is to keep stable branch as stable as possible. AUR is targeted Arch packagelevel - this cannot be guaranteed on stable branch.

Third party repositories is equal to custom packages and custom packages is officially unsupported

  • if you get issues you are on your own
  • no matter the name
  • no matter the build
  • no matter what you read

Please educate yourself reading the following articles

If you request help with your Manjaro system - in order to do so - any forum member may require you to revert your system to a pristine Manjaro environment.

Only then can your issue be identified correctly and the appropriate solution applied.


Thank you for clarification!

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