Does AUR contain enough packages like deb has?

I’m just wondering if i can install softwares in pacman like i can in apt. Also, many websites of linux apps offer deb or rpm pakages. What can i do in that sceneario?

If the software you are looking for isn’t in the Manjaro repo’s look at the AUR.

Pacman can’t build from the AUR so you will have to use pamac, either CLI or GUI.

e.g. to build Vorta, use:

pamac build vorta

Don’t use sudo, pamac will ask for authentication.

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You can always check

68379 packages is not a small number.


From my own experience, no. AUR does not contain enough packages like deb, it contains more. Since it’s far easier to contribute and is centralized, contributing for AUR is a lot easier than deb. It can be as simple as understanding how to use git, write a single text file, run mksrcinfo, commit and push. Done. No complex package format necessary.


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if its not in aur i believe debtap can convert deb packages to Arch packages

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If you install a .deb or .rpm you would have to download and reinstall updates

The PKGBUILD script for AUR packages will sometimes use the same .deb or .rpm source package. But the package manager can update the package when a new version is available


AUR is where people bring in software not in the Arch repo.
That means they might source a .deb file, and write a script to get it unpacked and fixed to work with your system - or they might source an .rpm file instead.

AUR brings in a great number of sources - it’s like a supercharged PPA with a grossly OP number of available apps.

It’s true that many softwares on the net are aimed at .deb and .rpm distribution above all else - even pasting commands for numpties that can’t remember ‘apt install blender’ and suggesting instead that they should type out an even longer ‘sudo apt-get install’ command (actually, just apt is better - and it calls for the password IF it’s needed). .deb and .rpm files are basically binaries zipped up in a bundle to be transferred - they lend themselves very well to being included in the AUR with a script that will download, unpack, and install them for you.

I found that installing for Debian based (Ubuntu/Mint) destops tended to break my system more reliably (i.e. outside the official repos). I also note that our software is pretty much always up to date, and with AUR you get more choice of community/official, and very fresh git versions.

For something like Latte-dock however, it’s very easy just to git-pull and build it yourself in Manjaro.

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Search for latte-dock-git and see yourself…
It’s not complicated :wink:

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Manjaro (with the AUR activated) has far more software choice than any other distro I’ve ever tried. That’s why I’m a long term Manjaro user.

I use Linux Mint on my laptop. As you will know it is based on Ubuntu, so that means Debian, and the software choice on Mint does not compare with what I have on Manjaro.


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