Does anyone know if i can I install Manjaro KDE on a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 with no problems?

Recently I tried installing Manjaro (KDE Plasma) on my Samsung Galaxybook 360 Pro, but then it stopped turning on. The same thing happened before that (same model) when i tried to get Kali, and so I had to get it replaced. I was only ever able to get Ubuntu and Parrot. I decided that maybe that computer just wasnt compatible. Does anyone know if I can successfully install Manjaro (KDE Plasma) on this computer? (Link at the bottom)

When I entered the Live Boot i instantly fell in love with Manjaro. I decided I absolutely had to have it. And not just that, its perfect for programming and has a beautiful default wallpaper as well as 2 terminal emulators with zsh preinstalled and the option for multiple customizable profiles.

But before I get this new laptop and try to install Manjaro, I need to know if Ill be able to do it successfully. If this computer messes up, my parents are just gonna stop getting me a laptop and I wouldnt blame them.

Heres the link to the Laptop;
(sorry, youll have to copy it and replace the hyphens in the domain; it wouldnt let me post the link and I dont think copy pasting the name of the laptop would be helpful)


Only way to tell is put an ISO on a memory stick and try it.

what will i do if it messes up my computer again

I would be wary of the GPU.

While support for the Intel Iris Xe Graphics processor has already been integrated into Linux* and integrated into Linux-based distributions such as Ubuntu 20.04.1, enabling work for the Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics processor in Linux* is ongoing.
GPGPU: Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics

do you know any good ways to test if it would work?

What @Alchemix suggested.

Just as @Alchemix and @maycne.sonahoz mentioned, boot from a USB it is supposed to run. Running from USB wont mess anything. You can then test and see how it goes.

If it goes fine, just install it and I would recommend you follow the defaults.

My bad! I re-read your post and understood you don’t have the Dell Laptop yet. I mistakenly confused and thought you want to install on laptop you already have.
Any way I did a search for you an would suggest check

I hope this helps you or other users who want to check compatibility.

I think you all mis understand. I had no issue booting a live USB. When the installer told me that Manjaro was successfully installed and that i need to reboot, I click OK to reboot but the laptop didnt turn on after.

Have you tried troubleshooting?

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@maycne.sonahoz you said to be weary of the GPU right? Would any issues be noticed upon entering the Live Boot mode? If i dont notice anything would it be safe to continue with the installation?

If you can’t boot the liveUSB to the graphical desktop, neither with free and non-free drivers, the GPU may indeed be too new.
If you do get to the graphical desktop, try launching something graphics-demanding, like play a HQ youtube video with hardware acceleration enabled. What i’d be wary about is that the driver doesn’t give you access to the full potential of the card, such preventing you from using it for something actually demanding.

That being said, the article i linked references Ubuntu 20.04.1, which is more than a year old. Theoretically, such time span is usually enough to bring hardware support into Linux, so i may worry over nothing. But since it is an official documentation, and that it hasn’t been updated since…