Does anyone actually use snaps?

It is an Antergos follow-up as far as I know. Antergos was archlinux + a crappy installer called cnchi.

EndeavourOS is going to use Calamares for its offline installer and either Cnchi, Fenix or something totally different for its online installer.


You can install snaps without dealing with the snapstore.

One of my Nextcloud instances on a server is a snap, and it's fantastic. I'd disagree with your opinion, but you're entitled to it.

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Not sure what the whole discussion is about. It looks like a shi&@#tstorm in a glass of water.

Manjaro (as Arch) is inclusive so we have access to all the latest technologies but we decide what to choose. Snaps or flatpacks are just like another repo. You can use AUR but you don't have to. You can use snaps but you don't have to. You can use flatpacks but you don't have to.

This is the freedom that Arch and Manjaro offers. However, Manjaro just includes configured access to AUR so it's just logical and sound to have default access and configuration to new, universal package formats that are on the rise. That's all. The user then will decide what to use and why.

Since more and more solutions start to include those extra formats, it's good to have it pre-configured with Manjaro, because without it, we will get some packages with broken (or incomplete) functionality and prospect of configuring it all by yourself. Hey, we already have that - that's ARCH! Even AUR isn't configured there automatic... and that is one of man reasons I won't ever use Arch, even if I love the its base. I and many others expect Manjaro to be functional distro right after install. And those who want more reduced, simplistic version, there is Manjaro Architect and minimal iso's.

Manjaro offers only choices and don't force us to anything so again, no need to make any drama out of it.


I installed a snap package. Its for atari800, the Atari 800 emulator. It works fine.

Everything is half as bad, it doesn't work :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

:arrow_up: Contains traces of irony. :arrow_up:


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@fredb74 Cnchi is a good online installer. When it not crashing because of python. And doubt you know manjaro used to use one of Antergos installer. Before Calamares was a thing.

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And note Calarmas also crashes at times with the same error

I tried Endeavour last night even though its pre release it is excellent and the updater prints update warning on the desktop to help users its really well thought out for new users.


well said

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Scared or worried about using Snap apps? Don’t be.

Although this bit of bundleware was distributed as a Snap it was not taking advantage of a Snap-specific flaw.

This issue stresses the importance of being cautious about where you install software from

The same Bytecoin miner could have be bundled up with an app and distributed through a PPA, an AppImage, an installer script shared on Github, and so on.

I finally managed to get the snaps support sorted out. All ISOs are shipping either gnome-software or discovery with flatpak and snap enabled. Maintainers can also add snaps pre-seeded on ISOs. This was part of the #snapcraftsummit this year. This way people can decide on how to use snaps with in Manjaro without hassle enabling it.

Manjaro Juhraya ISOs got updated, including snap support pre-activated: XFCE, KDE, Gnome


I remember CinnArch back in 2012. For 7 long years, cnchi stayed in beta phase.

50% of the time, it fails installing Archlinux. So it was not a good installer. I also remember when Manjaro rebranded it under the nickname of Thus. Calamares was and is a bliss compared to cnchi.

Tried beta and laugh so much so I had to urinate. I know it is a beta, but to me, on some points, it is more an alpha than a beta:

  1. outdated pamac in endeavour repo
  2. overcrowed 3rd party repository
  3. using kalu instead of pamac for notification

Do I have to continue?

Calamares is based originally on the Manjaro Installer we had back in 0.1 series of Manjaro. Also lot of the effort we put in Thus was included in Calamares. Back then Manjaro was one of the first distros adopting to Calamares.


OK, just tried out the xfce rc3. Now we have snap support enabled by default but no snaps pre-installed.

The ISO also got a lot smaller.

This is much better from my perspective, thanks for listening.


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You have to be accurate with what you are writing.
Pacac for Manjaro and pamac arch in AUR are very different as they are made for different systems pamac classic is favoured for Arch.
Also you are comparing a unofficial beta to a 10yrs development development, Endeaver is not even released.
For the record a on screen update warning has to be read a update warning on a forum has to be found. which is more appropriate for a new user. the on screen warning.
Now do I have to continue correcting your biased views.


I remember this time :slight_smile:
How good it was compared to cnchi back in 2013 or so...

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