Does any of the Manjaro versions support display rotation with in-sync touch?

I’ve noticed Linux in general has massive problems with touch on hybrid or tablet devices, particularly with display orientation and touch being in sync with it. Usually the default display orientation works with touch, but as soon as you rotate the display, image rotates, but touch sensing doesn’t and then it’s all borked and useless. In the past I tried Kubuntu with Wayland and it actually auto rotated display and touch sensing was in sync with it. But it was just rubbish experience and I had horrible image tearing with Wayland there.

Any of Manjaro desktops supports this? I know KDE version doesn’t. Maybe XFCE or Gnome by any chance? After trainwreck of WIndows 11 and its refusal to install on that hybrid tablet, I really want to use Linux on it, especially Manjaro, but I really really don’t want to have either broken touch sensing or having to do anything about it through Terminal. Any info on that?

I’m not sure if it’s even possible on X. Maybe install plasma-wayland-session and try the Plasma Wayland session again… KUbuntu is generally always a fair bit behind and the last few Plasma versions improved the Wayland session a lot

Please read this:

Especially the What’s this Upstream/Downstream business and then start filing bugs upstream. Once upstream fixes it, it’ll be rolled out into all Manjaro Wayland releases…