Documents Folders do not lock after updates!?

Hi i’m a generally new user in manjaro and after installing updates and introducing a new kernal i have broken my file locking in Documents within my Admin account!! I can play around with the different file permissions but cannot see any padlocks appearing!! I don’t know how to fix it!! Help!

Perhaps you could try telling what it is that you want to achieve.
What it is that you expect to happen in response to what action you take.
From what you wrote here
it is totally opaque to me what it is that you think should happen (and why) vs what it is that you are seeing.


Why would you even want that, whatever that might mean?
The admin account … is only accessible to the admin anyway.

… and it is not typically used for regular, day to day activities
that is what your user account is for

It sounds suspiciously like you may have been doing ‘sudo’ or ‘root’ things in your HOME.
This will break permissions and thus leave that user account and associated directories in a wonky state.

If you mean you have been logging into your desktop using the ‘root’ account … you also should not be doing that.

Yes you are right I’m logging straight into my admin account automatically! i did’nt want to break the system by adding a new account when i first used Manjaro!
I have tried using Sudo upgrade commands. Yeap i probably have cocked it up. Its strange that there are no warnings that things are about to go wrong though!!?? During the update process near the bottom line i did see a mention that there was a search for another OP system which doesn’t exist on my PC!!!???
Thanks for your help. I’ll have to put up with unsecure folders!!!

Later there was a happy ending: I started playing around with some folders after i used the sudo pacman -Syu and sudo pacman -Syyu commands again. One particular folder named poem had a X over it so i opened it with thunar root which took a long time because it kept on forgetting my PC Admin password!!! which blocked me accessing the poem folder!!! Then once i got in after three attempts i deleted it. All the folders permissions now seem usable again when you set them to lock using read only!!!

When i saw the update info i witness the terminal show Warning: searching for other OP systems?? Why is that happening when i don’t have any others??

Many thanks for your replies cheers have a great Xmas.