Document Viewer (Evince) Side Pane not Highlighting (BOLDING) Properly

I really like Evince Document Viewer because the side pane highlights(bolds )the searched for word as well as it gives the page number for each instance of the word that it finds.
I think that an update may have caused a problem with the side pane, as it is now highlighting
words other than what I am searching for.

This is only happening in the side pane , searched words are still highlighted properly
in the document itself.

I tried Reinstalling Evince ,but problem persists.
It is not a corrupt PDF file , because the file ,which I have on a USB stick will open fine
using Evince in the MX Linux Distro.

Also , is there a way to change the highlight color for searched words? I would like
yellow highlighting rather than gray, but I dont see any where to change highlight color.

I Tried uploading a screen shot but get message saying not allowed to embed media items in a post.