Do you want a panel on Top or Bottom?



Hey guys,
I will start building a new version of mGAMe this Sunday (September 2, 2018).

Do you want a Panel on Top or Bottom?

  • Top
  • Bottom

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bottom but does it matter as long as it is customisable?


I used to like it left.

Edit: But games run often fullscreen, so what.


Me too. I’m using a screen with 1600x900 and bottom or top use too much space.

Does this make sense ? :rofl::clown_face:


What will be the differences between this and “normal” Manjaro builds?


How both top and bottom? That is the way I have it with Xfce.


Ahh…the worst of both worlds scenario. Wasting twice the vertical real estate. :smile:


And just how big do you have your panels? And beside I have both of mine set to auto hide.

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