Do you use Akonadi ?

I am just curious about Akonadi. I used it long back and had a very bad experience. Even I guess manjaro does not come with akonadi pre-installed anymore. I just want to know if you use akonadi and its applications like Kmail, Korganizer etc. and why you use it. If you do not use it what application you use as a substitute? Let's discuss.

Edit 1: I use mailspring as my email client and it is quite good for my personal use. I was interested in Kmail but I don't want to use akonadi :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I avoid it like the plague. For me, KDE's two Worst Things Ever are Akonadi & Baloo. Blech on both.


I use Akonadi (and Baloo). No problems here.

I use KMail ─ because it's the only qt-based email client ─ and so I am unfortunately obligated to also accept Akonadi. I've had a serious issue with it about six weeks ago, whereby the database had gotten corrupted and it kept on eating my emails and my mail folders. There was no other option but to nuke all KMail- and Akonadi-related files and start all over. It still does have bugs now, but at least now it works as it should again ─ he says, as he knocks on wood.

I haven't changed anything to Baloo, really. I believe it was set to only index the files but not their content, and I've kept it like that.

I only have for Korganizator, the best Akonadi app but beside that, Akonadi is useless. The best way to fix akonadi (if things go south) is to install akonadiconsole.

However, if you don't use any akonadi apps, just get rid of it. It will free your RAM and CPU resources.

No, no, no, alright, once.

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Short answer: no

Long answer: I wanted something with better visual integration into KDE some time last year, so I tried to use KMail and the the other Akonadi based apps. Put in a lot of effort to stabilize things but eventually gave up and returned to Thunderbird.
Way too much plumbing (leaking left and right) for something as basic as an email client an address bock and a calendar.

Never looked back since.

Baloo is running, strange thing though is that I find my files with Alt-space even if I stop the service with balooctl stop. Maybe I don't need this one either after all? :slight_smile:


Couple weeks ago I decided to experiment with email clients.
As KMail is the only qt client and I'm on KDE I started there.
If it isn't specifically related to the DE, I've learned to avoid KDE "software".
As @kdemeoz mentions, Baloo is also a steaming hunk of... well... stuff.
Back to webmail for me and I'd rather use Angrysearch than Baloo

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LOL, yes, KMmail is a horrible, horrible app. KDE apps are usually good or decent but Kmail is just opposite of anything positive. It's OK for some, but it's just... the worst email experience ever.

No for me as well. I don't even have it installed anymore.

Other than konsole, dolphin and kate I don't really use a lot of k* apps in general.

Wait a minute. Isn't everyone here bitching about KMail/Kontact the same people that about a year ago were the same folks telling me how great it had become--virtually bug-free!--unlike years ago.

Huh? Ain't you? Huh, huh, huh? :frowning:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I can only speak for myself, and about the one major issue I've had with it. But at the moment it's behaving again, and it works rather well. :slight_smile:

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Not everyone. :wink:
But you should use it. It's the greatest.



@Aragorn, I hold you blameless. You weren't even with us a year ago, and I know these turncoat bastards. A year (or so) ago I was griping about some of the depends changes in my GNOME rig, and they all--every man jack one of 'em--had nothing but praise for their golden boy, Kmail/Kontact suite. And now here they are.

Their day is coming. :evil_grin :evil_grin:

Come to think of it, I don't think @kdemeoz was with us then, either. Maybe it was 2-3 years ago...


So was I, never liked it.

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Not me. Hating it to the gut, consistently for years :wink: .


My memory lasts ~7 1/2' [on good days], so the fact that i hereby state that i have no recollection of ever Upping the kPIM suite to you, probably does not inspire much confidence. However, given i tried it for real & in earnest back in 2014 --gave it every chance to be my permanent PIM-- & it rewarded me by losing emails & tasks/events, & eating great gobs of cpu%, i never ever used it again. So if i did ever recommend it to you, i must have been having a demonic possession or something [aka, leaning over too close to my Tower & getting affected by its PG]. I really wanted it to be great, but it turned out to be sh1t.


And for those of us who don't speak acronymese, "PG" means what exactly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Poltergeist, aka poultrygoose. There's a forum history behind this nonsense...


Originated and proliferated solely by those folk who get to watch the sinister side of the Coriolis effect swirling in the toilet bowl.

EDIT: And who know what sinister means. :wink:

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