Do you fancy a bare minimal KDE iso?



For the education in it I have created wiki entry describing the process of creating a minimal KDE iso.



i have used this wiki page as instructions how to build ISOs with buildiso:

i have recently expanded it with new stuff, which i needed to build manjaro lxqt (net edition).
you write up is also really nice (IMHO a bit nicer), but there are a lot of similar paragraphs.

if you want to build a minimal KDE from scratch, i recommend to install a minimal set of packages using the manjaro net edition image:

do not install lxqt. instead, boot your system and install all the needed packages in tty:


In that case we must combine our efforts :slight_smile:

I used that page as base - to the intend - target KDE users which do not want the whole Manjaro packages - but just want the base class


Create a folder for your spin

sudo mkdir ~/iso-profiles/my-spin-off
sudo chmod 0777 ~/iso-profile/my-spin-off

At this step for me the process fails. My terminal output:

sudo mkdir ~/iso-profiles/kde-minimal                                                                                        
~ >>> sudo chmod 0777 ~/iso-profile/kde-minimal                                                                                    
chmod: cannot access '/home/nowshed/iso-profile/kde-minimal': No such file or directory



IMHO, if you just want a lighter 17.02 kde media (without extra) from stable system, it’s more simple to let manjaro-tools where there are installed & to edit (via sudo or in graphical root file manager) the two files nedeed in /usr/share/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles/manjaro/kde -> Packages-Desktop & profile.conf
If process’s fine, you can rename the obtained iso after !


I am trying the tutorial by @fhdk but facing some errors. In the iso making process it must be flawless. Rather than requesting kde-minimal iso every time, i am trying to learn it properly.
Have you done it using other methods? kindly share it.


I actually did the exact steps while writing the tutorial - so I know it is working.

Did you symlink the /usr/share/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles folder to you ~/ folder?

@fassil I can’t even remember what I wrote

After going over it - now I know:

Since we create a symlink to a write proctected folder in /usr/share/.... we need sudo to be able to create a new folder for the spin-off.

The folder is actually created as a sub folder /usr/share/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles/ which is write protected, hence we use sudo to create the new folder.

That new folder we need to be writeable for the user - but since the owner for the manjaro-tools folder is root:root we need to make it writeable for every one.

I have edited the text on the wiki to this

Create a folder for your spin

We create a new folder under the iso-profiles folder for it. Remember that the iso-profiles folder is symlinked so we actually create it under /usr/share/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles

sudo mkdir ~/iso-profiles/my-spin-off

The /usr/share/manjaro-tools/iso-profiles folder is owned by root:root so to get write access to our new spin-off folder we need to change the permissions for that folder

sudo chmod o+w ~/iso-profiles/my-spin-off



Can you develop a bit about the errors ?
Permissions in $HOME ?


With the updated wiki, there is only one error i have faced.
Copy the official KDE profile to your folder and rename on the fly
cp -r ~/iso-profiles/manjaro/kde/ ~/iso-profiles/my-spin-off/my-kde
This step needs sudo to execute.
Now the process is going on. I will confirm whether it failed or not.


Did you do

sudo chmod o+w ~/iso-profiles/my-spin-off


No, I didn’t. I was following the wiki, maybe that’s why i needed sudo to execute that command. I aborted the download process and executed:

sudo chmod o+w ~/iso-profiles/kde-minimal
buildiso -p my-kde

only 100mb more to download now.


Buildiso always requires sudo because by default it writes logs to /var/log/manjaro-tools and the iso to /var/cache/manjaro-tools/iso (if I remember correct :))


mission accomplished! flashing it right now in a usb to check if everything went down well or not!
P.s Live image booted fine, everything seems to work. Thanks, @fhdk for the awesome tutorial and help. :beers:


@Alpha pls observe u created directory with name iso-profiles/kde-minimal (Pls observe letter s at the end in iso-profiles

but u were running chmod on iso-profile/kde-minimal (wrong directory path iso-profile missing s at the end :smiley:


the updated wiki solved all problem. there were some other problem.