Do the ARMv2 images work with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B boards? My Pi doesn't seem to boot?

Hi there everyone!

I've been happily using Manjaro for a few years as my desktops main OS and I love it and the spirit of Linux :slight_smile:

With that said, I wanted to 'tinker' with something without risking damaging my computer and just got myself a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B off eBay.

I couldn't find anywhere on Manjaros download page any specs or requirements, but could only see that Manjaro doesn't work with Raspberry Pi 1's on another forum post.

Anyway, to the issue I'm having:

I downloaded "pinebook-i3" as I'm using i3-wm at the moment, unzipped it and wrote the .img file to a MicroSD card using the dd command (as found here )

However, when I put the SD card in and power it up (with the HDMI plugged in, tried with two different monitors) all I get is "No Signal" from both monitors.

The Raspberry Pi does light up, so I don't think it's broken.. but I cannot get the thing to "boot" or load anything up on any screens.. so I'm wondering, are they even compatible? Because if they are, I know somethings up, but if they're not lol well I have my answer.

Thanks all in advance for any help :slight_smile:

The Raspberry Pi 2 is not supported by Manjaro ARM.
The raspberry Pi 2 is an Armv7 only device and Manjaro ARM only supports Armv8 architecture.

This won't work for 2 reasons.

  1. The image is for a completely different device (The Pinebook).
  2. The image uses Armv8 as an architecture. Which your Raspberry Pi 2 does not support.
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Hey there, thanks a bunch and forgive my ignorance of the architecture and computers in general!

Are there any Manjaro images that would work with the board I have? As I noticed you said this was an Arvm7 board and I noticed they all come under Arvm8..

Thanks for your help and sorry to make such a silly mistake.

No problem.

Manjaro ARM does not have any images for the Raspberry Pi 2.
You could look at Arch Linux ARM or Fedora ARM, which I believe still support Armv7 and rpi2 devices.

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Thank-you once again. I think I must just chuck it in the desk and save up for a Raspberry Pi 4.

Really am grateful for your time :slight_smile: