Do new releases have something I do not get from updating?

I have a Manjaro Plasma for a while. Is there anything from a newer Manjaro release that I do not get if I just update all packages from my older release? Some configurations or so?

Answer is no. That’s the whole point of rolling release.

But, it’s good to be aware of .pacnew files and friends pacman/Pacnew and Pacsave - ArchWiki

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See the whole thread for details.

I’ve noticed that some default key binds have changed or been removed from Plasma over the years.
My live environment hasn’t had key combinations for shutdown or reboot for a long time, compared to my actual system, which I installed two years ago.
Beyond that, I don’t think there is much difference. Plasma 5.25 that recently landed in Unstable reset some of my settings.

Yes, some things you need to change manually, ie. by cleaning your .cache/.config, etc. or just changing something by hand.
For example, I think there were some shortcut changes for plasma 5.25 (replacing Ctrl+… with Meta+… or something) but they aren’t forced retroactively on existing installations.

So you have to keep in touch with what’s going on so you can react accordingly.

In theory they are suppose to be the same, but… :wink: