Do linux distros like manjaro and mint play well with dual-booting?

I find using the Motherboards Boot Menu works well for this. Just press Fn to boot the Menu and select which Drive you want to boot from.


If you have multiple drives and good motherboard, this is a good option.

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Yes, I have that option on my BIOS menu, but is it better or worse than grub or systemd-boot?

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For me, Windows will always be on a separate drive and not go near GRUB. I set Manjaro as the first boot option in BIOS, and BIOS Fn into Windows if I need it. I don’t want to get into EFI profiles, or whatever they are, so that is a good solution for me.

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The advantage is that keeping the installations on different drives helps you avoid them messing with each other.


I have heard tell also of other distros not seeing manjaro. Why exactly is that?

Manjaro definitely feels like a distro that defies the convention.


I use rEFInd personally. I don’t even have grub installed. I have it installed in the same partition as the Windows bootloader (FAT32, 100MB partition).

Never had issues with having Windows and 6 other distros installed at the same time.

rEFInd is amazing because it scans for all available kernels and boots on your computer at startup. Multi-booting with grub can be more complicated imo.

and you can make rEFInd look really pretty :smiley:

Can i lock a certain drive to a certain os? Like windows can’t touch the linux drive and vice-versa? Please give me the most secure option.

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My pc’s motherboard isn’t UEFI based. It’s BIOS. rEFIned works for UEFI based only. Trying to use it on BIOS doesn’t work well.

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i am currently dual booting mint and manjaro, its just been a day everything is fine so far
let’s see what happens in future
hoping for the best :innocent:

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I am currently dual booting Manjaro XFCE with Win 10 on the same HDD with different partitions.
I had to reinstall GRUB twice via live USB.
I can always boot to WIn10 in Manjaro GRUB. But sometimes when I want to test other distros via live USB I cant’ boot into Manjaro.

I want to ditch WIn10 and replace it with Linux Mint XFCE or Peppermint because it’s an old laptop from 2007 with only 3GB RAM and HDD of 80GB so I need something light and fast.


  • Can i just replace Win10 partition with a linux distro and keep using manjaro GRUB?
  • The Swap partition created for Manjaro can also be used for Linus Mint for instance?
  • Is there any special thing to pay attention to or can I just do this when installing the linux distro replacing the Wins partition. Both OS are in the same 80GB HDD

Well, as long as I remember, Linux Mint also uses the calameres installer, anyways, you can see an option called “Replace with an existing partition”, so that’s what you’re looking for.

No, you can’t. But you can use a “swapfile” instead of a partition, you’ll find more about it online

Just take great care to choosing the right partition

Normal windows updates usually don’t cause any issue. But watch out for big Windows Feature updates, twice a year, those could replace grub.

On Fedora I do this
Then everything works ok, have tried refind but removed that as it was doing the same thing as grub does but will try again in future.

Didn’t know that command, I generaly just use a grub reacue usb if something like that happens. Though, could you explain the command? Is it safe? What does it do?

It will allow Manjaro grub to properly see Fedora grub options

Now that I’ve figured out refind I’m using it for all installations. Seems to play nice with everything.

From here:

  • Although rEFInd is, first and foremost, a tool for launching EFI-based OSes, rEFInd is one of the few EFI boot programs that can redirect the boot process to BIOS-based OSes.

I’m about to install Manjaro XFCE to multiboot on grub with Win10, Ubuntu and Mint. So far the other 3 have worked well together on grub, even with Win10 updates. So I’ll soon find out what happens when I add Manjaro.

Probably this is the best answer for the topic of this thread.

For anybody looking for advice on How to Dual boot with Windows, this thread below is probably one of the best resources around:

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