Do I need to re-install the OS if I switch my motherboard and CPU?

I have bought AMD Ryzen 3700X and X470 motherboard, and can't wait to run Manjaro on it.
Do I need to re-install the OS?

Well no you don't need to reinstall
But you may need to chroot from live USB to fix problems that may arise.
So its better to reinstall

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Probably not. I would try it and see what happens.

As always, make sure your data is backed up and safe before making any major changes.


Considering that it is hardware that got released very recently, do not have too much expectation on the Linux support of it.

You might need to select a newer kernel (for example Linux 5.2, which is not a LTS kernel) in order to have a better working system on such recent hardware.

You might not need to reinstall completely.

Whether you reinstall or not, you may need to make some adjustment and you may have some issues for a while, until it is completely supported.

As said above, take your time and back up all your important data, just in case it goes wrong for any reason.

Hope it will go well.

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