Do I need to install celt?

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But it was unanswered.

Do I need to install celt?

I have avoided AUR packages because they create too many orphaned packages over a long period of time and would prefer to avoid needing celt too.

that’s a good question, because on my system Manjaro XFCE came with it by default, and I don’t remember installing it myself. Because is from AUR, I have removed it. So far I have not discovered any problems.
Maybe it was automatically installed with some other program. Because of the video editing I have installed some audio plugins, some removed again.
What do you think, why do you need celt at all?

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No, it was answered. The package got pulled in as a dependency of another package. :arrow_down:

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No, it was answered. The package got pulled in as a dependency of another package. :arrow_down:

I’m confused here. How it ended up as a dependency is clarified. But do we need it? Unless it is implied that because it is a dependency of a Manjaro package - then it is needed, I am still not sure if I can just ignore/cancel installing it?

Please clarify explicitly.

I already did.

There’s your answer. You may not need it, but that one package does. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I need to install celt?

Not if you have Opus audio codec installed

OpusFAQ - XiphWiki

Does Opus make all those other lossy codecs obsolete?


From a technical point of view (loss, delay, bitrates, …) Opus renders Speex obsolete and should also replace Vorbis and the common proprietary codecs too (e.g. AAC, MP3, …).

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Check on your own system

pacman -Qi jack2

to see if celt or is a dependency for jack2.

Then, check if there are any packages that require celt:

pacman -Sii celt


pactree -r celt


pactree -r

If celt (or the package it provides) is not required by anything, not even as an optional dependency, then it is an orphan.

I would then assume that it could safely be removed, since it is an orphaned AUR package.

In my system, jack2 does not depend on celt.

You don’t need to install a package, unless there is a specific reason to install it (if you know you need that package or if it is a required -not just optional- dependency of another package that you want to install).

Package celt in AUR has one dependency - libogg
celt - PKGBUILD - AUR Package Repositories

But pamac info libogg doesn’t mention celt

So it is just a poor wee AUR-phan :cry: Nobody’s Child

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In my system it does.

Arch Linux - libogg 1.3.5-1 (x86_64)