Do I need to flash Drivers

I recently visited my device’s support page from microsoft and saw a lot of drivers which i haven’t installed by myself on my laptop.Although, i dual boot window with my manjaro linux my daily OS is manjaro, so y question is should i download these drivers like for (wifi card,bluetooth and many more) and flash them or i am okay without them using manjaro?
Also do they have any effect on Linux OS while not using Windows 10?

You are talking about drivers and about flashing a device. Those are two very different things.

  • Drivers are software that gets loaded into the kernel ─ usually at boot time ─ in order to allow the kernel to be able to communicate with a peripheral, such as a network adapter.

  • Flashing is a process whereby firmware is being permanently loaded into the EEPROM (“electrically erasable programmable read-only memory”) of a device.

Now, in the first case, loading new drivers into Microsoft Windows won’t have any effect on GNU/Linux, because that’s just software that the Linux kernel doesn’t make use of ─ it has its own driver modules. However, in the second case, the new firmware will be loaded into a chip on the device itself, and then that affects all operating systems that use the device.

So now you will have to find out whether we’re talking of software drivers, or of a firmware update for certain peripherals. :man_shrugging:

I was talking about both since a memeber suugested a critical BIOS update which i have flashed recently…and along with BIOS ,download page had these Drivers listed for download …that’s why i asked about both…
Thanks a lot for your help now i’m cleared about both…thanks again

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