Do I need to disable TPM before installing Manjaro?

Hey guys!

I’d like to install Manjaro on my Surface Book 2. I’m reading the user guide and I’ve already disabled Secure Boot. Do I need to disable TPM as well?

Thanks in advance!

tpm and secure boot go hand in hand - to my knowldedge - if you disable secure boot you disable tpm.

I remember a few topics surrounding Surface laptops - and it is not all roses.

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On my originally Windows laptop, no need to disable TPM:

ls -ahl /dev/tp*
crw-rw---- 1 tss root  10,   224 25 jan 13:51 /dev/tpm0
crw-rw---- 1 tss tss  239, 65536 25 jan 13:51 /dev/tpmrm0
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That is nice to know - I have vague memory of tpm and secure boot being tied to each other - but that may be history now :slight_smile:

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AFAIK, they are tied together but there is nothing for TPM to tie too if Windows is gone…
This laptop is still in warranty so did not clear the TPM, so I can still put the original Windows image back. (which was never booted :slight_smile: )

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Thanks a lot for your help, I didn’t expect answers so quickly. :smile: SecureBoot and TPM seem to be seperated. My (Surface) UEFI has different controls for Secure Boot and TPM and after I disabled Secure Boot TPM was still enabled. I’ll try to install Manjaro while TPM is enabled.

Unfortunately I ran into a problem, I don’t know if it is linked to the TPM question. I could boot into the live-system without any problems. I’ve started the installer and rebooted the system again without the usb-stick. After the reboot I did the last configurations in the installer (like time zone and privacy options). But after clicking on “Start Manjaro” it only shows the strip at the top. I can only use the controls at the top right. I don’t see any icons for programs. When I reboot my laptop it shows the installer for the last steps again, so I guess it can’t finish the setup.