Do I NEED to disable Secure Boot?

So I am very new to the linux world.

I know this is one of the most asked questions but i couldn’t find a satisfactory answer despite searching google for it. So i’m making a post here.

Do i need to disable secure boot to install manjaro?

Another question i have is… If i do need to disable it…then can i enable secure boot again after i am done installing manjaro? or do i have to keep it disabled for it to be able to load everytime i switch my compute On

I use windows 10, 64bit, NVIDIA Graphics Card, UEFI

You can disable/enable on the whim, it’s a firmware setting.

Some distros had ability to boot with secureboot.
You might test it with having it enabled but I bet when you turn it back on it would not boot.

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what i meant is that, ‘should’ i enable it(?). Bcoz i wasnt sure if manjaro would load with secure boot enabled. And having SecBoot enabled feels kinda safe too, one thing to get off your mind haha

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Yes, you do. :wink:

You should leave it disabled. There is a way to get Manjaro to work with Secure Boot, but it is not officially supported.

And truth be told, Secure Boot isn’t all that secure either. It’s essentially just a failed attempt by Microsoft (under Steve Ballmer) to monopolize the hardware of the x86-64 and arm platforms and tie them to Microsoft Windows, because Microsoft was afraid of losing market share to GNU/Linux, and unlike Apple, they didn’t have a hardware platform of their own.

Secure Boot as a security precaution has already been exploited ─ albeit not in the wild yet. In my personal opinion, it’s junk, but Microsoft is on the UEFI committee, and so it was adopted into the specifications.

Important note: Disabling Secure Boot is not the same thing as choosing legacy BIOS support. My system here boots in native UEFI mode, but Secure Boot is disabled ─ it was a shop-built machine that came without an operating system installed, and I don’t do Microsoft Windows. :wink:


Ohh I see. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. It helped.

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