Do I need starthandler?


I am installing Manjaro and wonder if i need to have a starthandler ?

Manjaro is the only os on the disk.

The question is coming up in the gui installerprogram under partioning section.

i don’t know what you mean with starthandler, i think if it’s the only system on the disk use all automatic settings and the standardsettings. that should work fine.

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I can choose from
Masterbootrecord on INTEL …
Systempartition (/)
Not installing starthandler

I mean bootloader when I say starthandler.

And I mean the location of the bootloader if i need it or not.

Do I need the bootloader ?

Where is the best location to install it ?

I mean, what do I need bootloader for if manjaro is the only system on the hdd ?

Can I just skip bootloader and choose to not install bootloader ?

Because the bootloader is the entry door to any OS. Why do you have a door in your house if you’re the only person living there?

The bootloader is responsible for booting the system. You need it.

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