Do I need haveged?


I noticed when trying to install something that it recommended that I have haveged installed and running to ensure pacman-key works properly. I looked up the program and it said that haveged is only necessary when you have low entropy in your system. When I run “cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail” I get “3637” which the site said is enough entropy in my system to not need haveged. This is all new to me so I was wondering if someone could help me understand this better.

Side note: I just came from Mint and I’m excited to finally be using an OS that I can develop a deep understanding of Linux.

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That’s perfectly fine. Anything bellow 1000 would not be ok and then you will need haveged


Thanks for the reply. Is this something that I will have to keep checking or can I always assume that it will stay above 1000 now?

I’m pretty sure that most of the users never heard about this entropy parameter and haveged. It looks rather like some server thing.

My system performs better with it … Most about it is documented

You can check from time to time with the same command.


i only use haveged (or avenged as the spellcheck suggests) to speed up the boot process, for some reason entropy gets flushed on both my systems when they are shut down or restarted. It’s nothing I did it has always been like that since installation :man_shrugging:

I’ve replace haveged with Rng-tools and am pleased with it.



I have in issue where with manjaro KDE booting off an ssd, where 80% of the time, the login screen won’t show after boot, unless I hit enter. Oherwise the system stays stuck at “starting tlp.” This seems to have been fixed by some by installing haveged. Do you know why it is necessary? Btw, I tried the same install to a HDD, and the issue did not occur. It is something to do with the SSD

you should read up on it either out on the wide web or here on the forums … but basically haveged creates entropy. That is it tick-tocks integers to create random-but-not-so-random outputs. For example some folks required extra input to get something like a DM up (move the mouse around a bunch and tap keys or something). Instead haveged pumps out these numbers so you dont have to do that. Lots of hardware has built-in things to do this, or dont require it … but for some haveged is the way to get that entropy generated.

What is this entropy in this case? I never heard of it before and never saw a situation where I have to do anything to push some action through.

I guess the big question I probably should be asking is: is there any reason not to have it installed??

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