Do I need both /boot and /boot/efi at same time to install manjaro in efi mode?

I want to dualboot with win 11 please help me.

can you answer the question in topic section please ?

Short answer - no.

Read the linked topic - scroll down to

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TNX bro

I recommend installing both /boot/ and boot/efi/.
/boot/efi/ must be Fat32 and /boot/ your favourite filesystem.

Please elaborate?

For the most users it is an unnecessary step and should be avoided unless you are an experienced user with very good reaason to do so e.g. when root filesystem is not supported by grub.

It is only a viable option when you want to encrypt your system and at the same time want to avoid the longer boot time taken when decrypting the kernel.

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If your system boots in native UEFI mode, then you need an EFI system partition of about 300 to 512 MiB in size, formatted as vfat (“FAT32”), and marked with the boot and esp flags. This partition must have /boot/efi as its mountpoint.

/boot is a standard system directory in GNU/Linux systems. It contains the kernel images and the boot loader configuration files. It can be a mountpoint for a separate partition, but this is not required, and if you are a newbie, then I would advise you to just keep its contents on the root filesystem.

So, as a summary, yes, you need a separate partition for /boot/efi, but no, you do not need one for /boot itself.