DNS issue: ping IP but not DNS name

copy the text to a text file - transfer using usb

To get ouput into a file without an editor pipe the result to file

e.g. inxi

inxi -Fxxxx > ~/inxi.txt

or from systemd status

systemctl status NetworkManager > ~/status.txt

or appending several commands to the same file using a append pipe

echo inxi -Fxxx >> status.txt
inxi -Fxxxx >> ~/status.txt
echo systemctl status NetworkManager >> ~/status.txt
systemctl status NetworkManager >> ~/status.txt
echo journalctl -xe --no-pager >> ~/status.txt
journalctl -xe --no-pager >> ~/status.txt

Or if you have an android phone you can tether your phone internet on the dysfunctional system :slight_smile:

I use protonvpn - I have never experienced this issue - but hey - there is something - if you are not using systemd-resolved - the resolv.conf is not always reset correctly - especially if rebooted while connected

i know i have had nothing but problems with protonVPN. at least on linux i have. they also seem to have some bugs with their firewall. Idk. But i switched to using Windscribe and have never been happier. i only pay $2 a month for unlimited use and i cant tell the difference in internet speed whether i have it on or off. Also i just use a openvpn config from them and set it right up in the manjaro network settings instead of relying on the VPN to have a working GUI.

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