dmraid bug with trim in kernel 5.1, 5.2

Also currently in Testing now.

Here's the patch for Linux 5.1 for people who are curious:

EDIT: Edited the wiki post of the most recent stable announcement to add this information. @cscs Feel free to add it in this announcement if you want to.

May 22, 2018: We added a patch in order to solve this issue in our linux51 5.1.4-1 package. For now, it is only in Testing and Unstable .

The content of that patch is available on our Gitlab:


Block devices are not mounted with the discard option by default anyway? I don't believe calamares overrides...


defaults,noatime 0 1


/crypto_keyfile.bin luks

Funny, i had discard enabled by default after the last install, even for mechanical drives...

Currently using 4.19 kernel. I do not use encryption on my SSD. Is it safe for me to upgrate to 5.0?

From what I understand the bug only affects 5.1, so you should be fine to upgrade to 5.0. I’m currently downgraded to 5.0 from 5.1 just to be safe, even though I don’t use encryption

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isn't fstrim+encryption a bad idea anyway?

Your link is dated 2011 ...

There are slight security implications, but for nearly all users and use cases SSD lifespan is more important.


Math and logic does not age.

Besides that same link is linked from your own link.

todays update should solve this in stable, too - right?

You want confirmation that the fix included with kernel 5.1.4 is included with kernel 5.1.4?

FWIW, 5.1.5 has the fix integrated.

the fix in on all version kernel 5.1.5 and older version

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Today's stable update has the same kernel 5.1.4 as mentioned in

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i wasn't sure which version the patch was in and somehow overlooked phils post about it - my bad :no_mouth:
Thats what you get if you just skim through the thread ^^

It's also marked in the OP as the Solution. :wink:

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:hushed: I think it's time for me to spend some time in the corner and be ashamed ^^

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On the contrary, you obviously don't spend enough time on the forum.

Joinnn usssss

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Only if you have cookies!!!

Nope, we respect your privacy.


Or you could have one of these.


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