Dmenu / morc-menu broken by latest update?

Can someone confirm The Dmenu and Morc-menu works on fresh install?
They are totally broken after the last upgrade.


Work on old install.
What happend if you test in terminal

$ dmenu_recency 
$ morc_menu

config is in ~/.config/i3/ ?

# start program launcher
bindsym $mod+d exec --no-startup-id dmenu_recency

# launch categorized menu
bindsym $mod+z exec --no-startup-id morc_menu

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Well, I did not make a fresh install but on the ISO I did kind of verify that dmenu works as you can imagine, yes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There was in fact an update of dmenu but it seems to work as usual on my system and also I haven’t seen any other reports about issues with it. My guess is you maybe have some specific config that is not compatible with dmenu 4.9 … but afraid I have no idea what that could be. :thinking:

edit: I’m splitting this out to a separate thread.

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Maybe back up your current config and try with the default:

Thanks for your reply, and sorry about posting on the wrong thread it seems.

Both Menu do open when I do super+D and super+Z (The default)
However, as soon as I pass any key, like arrow keys or letter keys, both manual did nothing and disappear.

Tried on Terminal:

dmenu_recency - return nothing

morc_menu - shows the follow:

categorized menu:
response =
executable =

Backup and Delete all the config file as you mentioned bring me to a new i3 environment, however, the menu problems still remain.

No problems here. Works as advertised. My install goes back to 17.

[isfor@ ~]$ pacman -Q dmenu
dmenu-manjaro 4.9-1

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You can try deleting the content of ~/.config/dmenu-recent … although that shouldn’t affect morc-menu :nerd_face:

It looks like I am not the only one. Bug Report

Both of my installation on my Desktop and Laptop (with relatively older install by like a year) are having the same issue.

I forgot to check morc. It works fine as well.

I checked the morc files, and none of them have been update since last year.


How very strange that not everybody is experiencing this issue! There must be some determining difference between these different installs … :thinking:

I just realized that morc_menu is depended on and use dmenu.
don’t think this is config file related issues either. All my Manjaro i3 edition installation seems to have the same problem, and they all have different config. some very custom, and other default. All try to delete all the config file completely in the home directory, nothing seems to help.

Just a quick update

A new commit have made to address this issue.

The Info is find on this Archlinux Post

Well hopefully the next update will fix this problem soon

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Ok great, will look into it later today and shouldn’t be a problem to adopt the patch right away.
I still don’t understand why some people have the issue and others have no problem - but I guess I will understand when I have time to look closer into it :nerd_face:

Could anyone who experienced that crash try installing this patched version and verify if that fixes it, please? If so I can forward it to testing and stable branches

sudo pacman -U

I just ran a update minutes ago and dmenu has upgraded to 4.9-2.

[isfor@ ~]$ pacman -Q dmenu
dmenu-manjaro 4.9-2

Full shutdown, boot, all is well with dmenu (and morc).

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Just did the upgrade

Everything work as expected!!!

wow this is amazing, thank you so much for your help!

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