Dmenu across the top bar



I’m trying to figure out how (or where) the settings are to get dmenu (Mod+d) to fit nicely in the top bar. Can someone point me to that please?


It’s default behaviour to fit the top bar, you can use ‘-b’ to show in bottom.


So if I understand right, while rofi allows you to place it in a location (1 for upper left corner and 0 for center screen, etc.) dmenu itself is designed by default to always place it in the top bar?


dmenu is from suckless, they don’t make a lot settings for user to tinker with. You need write script or add patches to source code to compile your version to archive what you want.

// in i3 community edition
actually $mod+d run dmenu_recency, you can see it’s a script

cat `which demnu_recency`


This is exactly correct. I just installed dmenu and it worked like a charm. I should have thought of that to begin with.


Thank you @dorma I just needed to step away from the work for a few to think differently and you solidified my thoughts.

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