Dm_mod not loaded in kernel 4.20.8-1


As per title, kernel module dm_mod is not being loaded in the aformentioned kernel, therfore it will not deal with encrypted disks.
I don’t know if it has been replaced by something new, but if so it isn’t working.

4.19 kernel

lsmod | grep -i dm_mod
dm_mod       155648  1 dm_crypt
4.20.8-1 kernel
 lsmod | grep -i dm_mod
 manjaro@manjaro ~>

You can of course modprobe it then it works, but it should be builtin.


It is available on my system. Please note that lsmod shows only loaded modules. A better way to verify if a module is available is to use modinfo

modinfo dm_mod

Thanks xabbu, I should have remembered that, however it doesn’t alter the fact that until I modprobe dm_mod it isn’t loaded and won’t decrypt my disk, whereas on the 4.19 kernel it is loaded automatically.

Edit. Just checked with modinfo and it is present in both kernels but obviously not being loaded on 4.20.8-1 - I have amended the topic title accordingly.


I’m not sure if it is related, but there is at the moment this bug with cryptsetup.


Damn it to hell, I don’t know what is going on.

I just did a full shutdown/restart (as opposed to a reboot like before) and now everything is working normally again.

I guess you better ignore this thread. I will mark it as solved.

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