DKMS reports distutils deprecated with Python 3.12

With the last update ( testing repo ) during the ZFS module update ( via dkms) I started to get a strange warning message related to dtutils being deprecated and scheduled to be removed in Python 3.12 …

What steps should I take to avoid future problems ?

I reckon 3.12 won’t appear before next year for release production. That’s a lot of time to anticipate what is going to happen.

You can always grab linux-zfs instead of zfs-dkms if you want to be extra-cautious.

It’s up to the maintainer to future-proof their programs. Given it’s an active maintainer, there is enough time to adapt to the new Python version.

You? None.

In Python 3.10 and 3.11, distutils will be formally marked as deprecated. All known issues will be closed at this time. import distutils will raise a deprecation warning. New issues that would be considered release blocking may still be fixed, but support for new tools or platforms will not be added.

During Python 3.10 and 3.11, uses of distutils within the standard library may change to use alternative APIs.

In Python 3.12, distutils will no longer be installed by make install or any of the first-party distribution. Third-party redistributors should no longer include distutils in their bundles or repositories.