Djvubind : a good software and a bad package in AUR


This is a command line interface programme that combines multiple black-white tiff files into an optimally compressed djvu file with possible Optical Character Recognition and bookmarks.

The package aur/djvubind is defective because it is based on a deb-package which is defective (OCR won’t work). To install the programme, however, one actually needs no package. What is to be done, is just to download the zip, unzip it, enter the folder and type:

The installation will take just one second.

For OCR, tesseract should be installed (with language modules), say


for more options.

The command to make a djvu file should be typed in the folder with black-white tiffs:

if pages have German and French texts, for example.

Bookmarks can be added by

The format of bkmarks.txt is like this:

(bookmarks ("First bookmark text" "#1") ("Second bookmark text" "#2") ("Third bookmark text" "#3") )

where #N is a page number.

More info can be found in man djvubind. This post is only to inform the Manjaro community about that defective package in AUR and to describe a way to have the fine programme working fine.

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