Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots



Where did you get your wallpaper? It’s a very beautiful winter scene!


A girl named Piper, sounds like those sexy Steampunkers


I dont know anymore. it was a random google image. Maybe you can use the reverse-image-search. (or use this, lets hope it will not resize the image)


This Russian sexy steampunker’s name is Irina Pirozhnikova :grin:


Couldn’t remember m’self, hence my trying to use neutral pronouns in my post. :slight_smile:


Happy Christmas everyone!


Very nice pic, would you happen to have a source link for the image?


Sure. I found it here: http://wallpapersafari.com/w/pCH8gF/


Donkey… I mean danke


How did you make Firefox follow KDE style?


I’ve changed Arc-dark theme, but I couldn’t manage makefile to recompile it properly to change copyright.



Ok, now that the new system is more or less set up, its time to celebrate with something other than a basic Manjaro desktop, with @Reznorix to thank for the upper monitor.

screen capture software



Hi! my classic one, I saw this configuration in many places. Have a good year forum!


This is beautiful. Where is this?


It’s a standard GNOME background. Here’s the link: https://github.com/GNOME/gnome-backgrounds/blob/master/backgrounds/Godafoss_Iceland.jpg



wallpaper por favor.

UPDATE: thank you @Oli