Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots



Gnome? Dayum! Looking good!


My Numix themed XFCE desktop. Same old, same old :smiley:


Check out SMPlayer if you like apps with little dependencies :slight_smile:
Sometimes it outperforms VLC on lower spec hardware


Yep! Just with some little changes to the stock Community Edition.
Need to recolour folder icons to be more “manjarish” as they are blue in original :wink:


This is my desktop:

I’m running Manjaro along with AwesomeWM (theme is starbreaker)



very nice!


I agree.
Here is my pimped lxqt. Enjoy.


now we talking. Not sure if you will be able to get any productivity with an Uma Thurman staring like that… I’m sweating :sweat_smile:


current bspwm… simple and light…


Plasma Desktop with Breeze theming and Tux Christmas Wallpaper from Christmas Tux 2016 WallPaper


Oh my … Can you link me to the original?

This brings a whole new dimension into the phrase ‘house cat’


It’s 5 to 12 … :scream:


I follow their Tumblr (new picture every day!), and love this one. If you poke around their gallery, you’ll find a lot of other great pics.


Indeed, I love Piper Thibodeau’s very adorable whimsical and pun ridden pictures :smiley:


I didn’t know that artist but I will follow him from now on.


Just boring this month :disappointed_relieved:


stunningly beautifully boring, indeed! :smiley::thumbsup:


Piper is a girl :slight_smile:


Ah, then I’ll follow her :wink: