Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots



I could save on the power bill and cook my dinner on the hood of my car :wink:


Christmas decoration time.


In my home town (Dodge City, Kansas), they will occasionally fry an egg on the sidewalk to demonstrate the hot Summer weather. :wink:



More bspwm (plus polybar, ncmpcpp, urxvt, feh and ranger)


Winter theme


What fonts are you using in polybar?


Inconsolata and the icons are siji. Its basically the example configuration…


Very nice, Mate is so pretty and useful with Manjaro :slight_smile:


clean and simple
vm at work has the same setup as my home-pc

original wallpaper can be found here
just made it a bit darker


I love these icons, can you tell me what they are?


I’ve made them to myself from other themes for programs installed in my system. My real work is a grey circle and a white ring only. Feel free to use or change them.


Thank you, they are fantastic!


Working on my vim setup… figured this constituted a decent ‘busy’ screenshot


Hey - sorry, been far away from my machine. But here ya go :

[Edit - I actually made 4 different shades of this - heres the darkest as well]


Don’t worry. Thanks!




Late December wallpaper change

Original image:


What’s going on where you have the minimize-max-close in the corner ?
I know you can tweak for ‘title-less’ windows, but what is ‘open’ ? Or are the buttons just there at all times ?


It’s “Show the buttons on desktop.” option - so i can click X and logout from system when no maximized window.


My setup for December.