Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots





Loving Cinnamon 3.2. Very stable and only slightly heavier than XFCE.


How old are you?


Hey you are never too old for cute crap, I personally am 35 and I post up wallpapers featuring cutesy things all the time like what I posted this month (so far)


@badbodh lose his Bronies? No way! The forum would not be the same. Don’t fark with the Universe! :wink:



Boring old vanilla vanilla.


Here is mine.

Fake busy:



Exactly. I wish to have the skills to draw things in that style, but is not easy, at least for me.


Trying Mate :slight_smile:


todays xfce…


Lol. That’s my mate :grin: nearly

Not a fake busy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


you know what time it is :timer: , clean & exfoliated

merry christmas everyone :grin:

and a big wow! everybody is super snazzy this month. lovin’ the artistry and conversation. exceptional!


Christmas / Yule theme.
Few changes, not many. Audacious is now my music player, SM Player for vids. Found Pinta is a better image editor than gimp for me.Have a great holiday Manjaro. That Tux is my mugshot/user profile pic…:slight_smile:


@Steve, that wallpaper makes me feel cold! I spent too many chilly mornings as a real estate appraiser measuring houses in Alaska. That is the exact angle of view, too. :wink:



Trying to make the best out of Xfce:


Where i am right now that looks like paradise! 35 c - 40 c (95F - 103F) weather here in Australia.


Now see, there’s the difference. I got old bones, and a fireplace, lap robe, and hot buttered rum sound really, really good right now (gotta cold coming on). Not to mention a female-who-is-not-my-wife would really warm me up. Oh, look, here comes my cat! :wink:



Good taste when it comes to selecting an audio player :wink:


that’s not paradise. That’s a frying pan.

Now 15-25⁰C is more like a balance. Electronic devices don’t overheat, but your gummy balls don’t freeze over either. Game as much as you want :tada:


Im learning all about dependencies lately, not only is it a good audio player but doesnt pull in a heap of dependancies with it either.