Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots



XFWM actually works from using image files in the theme folder, so just using inkscape and the correct names worked fine after copying the parent ‘arc-maia-dark’ folder. I also edited themrc a bit for less spacing. And replaced the bottom border … because the default is huge.

But I’m just gonna go ahead and upload ‘my’ Arc-Mine-Maia-Dark theme and share it here so you can extract and drop it in /usr/share/themes :wink:



todays JWM


Trying cinnamon.


your screenshot was definitely a trigger for discord, took me ~10 minutes to restore my harmony :wink: :wink: But some conservative (but competent and valuable) users may find it repulsive and walk away. Hence my concern.

@rvc Your penguin waifu looks due any day now. Hope we have a doctor in the house :grin:

Ruin ! How dare you. I assure you mine is a prime piece of real estate.


just small changes


is there a way to toggle the “Places” column ? Then you could add a button for that on the toolbar and remove that extra column of junk altogether.



Made this one in end of August in Joshua Tree N.P., Ca.
No icons, no dock, just the menu plus several shortcuts to the most used programs. Neat and clean.


Yes it is possible. I can turn Places on and off when I click on the button I’ve added to the toolbar (or shortcut key) like this:






You appear to be a very violent, disturbed individual given the choice of your wallpapers :cold_sweat:

I sincerely suggest you try one of these


@badbodh I find those extremely violent and disturbing, please don’t feed my nightmares.


Here’s something soothing


I love your wallpaper! Can you share it please?


i agree. They are violently cute and disturbingly adorable :heart:


May I have a link to your soothing wallpaper?


Violently cute :wink:


Oh, I’ve got a nice collection of colourists and happy wallpapers like those too.




Simple, clean, useable, and festive to boot…

Season’s Greetings, Peace and Prosperity to all…