Distinguished December (2016) Screenshots



My i3, with own config … The wall come from this forum …





Theme - Arc-Maia-Dark
Icons - Custom Numix-Circle [using numix-folders to match maia]


i faced it a couple of days too :slight_smile:


my bspwm today…



bottom minimal conky on bar
top limepanel - customised…


The conky is a modified one from


My renewed old Plasma 5



lxQt today…


looks mighty hideous mate. No non-linux user will ever get attracted with that ■■■■ , get the colours, buttons, fonts right mate. Choose a nice qt/gtk theme.

I’d give you a pity like, but that’s like having a pity ■■■■ - it’s never satisfying and i gotta do all the hard work. Even that close button is struggling to pop out of that horridly constrained window corner. It’s like wearing an underwear half your size.

It’s lxqt for crying out loud. Pimp it all the way up !

i am known for my honesty, not political correctness

Here, have some lxqt


Welcome back! haha
Looking good there. What theme are you using BTW?




erm… i’m a big fan of geometrically accurate shapes. But ^ that may not be a good choice of wallpaper in a public forum. You can of course create a conversation with multiple users and share sinful elements privately.

Besides, her rack looks like my butt crack.

@fatboy gtk is arc-maia , lxqt and openbox are my own colour-edits (matching arc-maia) of frost-lxqt and numix-openbox themes respectively. If you need them i can share on github.


awhh, you had to go and ruin it. :smirk: :slight_smile:


if you want to post stuff like this, please tell a moderator or the topic starter to edit the title of the topic and include a [NSFW] tag.
then, it is ok.


I deleted the screenshot because I don’t want to be a source of discord. But in case someone is thinking I posted something obscene, the wallpaper is a comic book cover of Superman’s cousin Power Girl. Here is the cover. Click at your own risk.



Even if I think her boobs were disproportioned the fairness of her skin and the innocence of her pose, her unaffectedness and wholesome delivery make it a shame you decided to deprive us of her presence.


Spent some of yesterday customizing Arc-Maia-Dark into ‘Arc-Maia-Dark-Simpler’
[got rid of circle ‘close’ and the ‘rounded’ corners - which were simply 1 missing pixel in the corners]


Can you please point me to the place where to change that? please. Whats the css for those two changes?


My desktop